Auntie B Family Night

I’m going out of order in events here (I have a couple of previous events that I haven’t posted) and normally, I would never do that because it just makes me uncomfortable, but last night was so much fun that I was really excited to post the pictures. 🙂

So, last night was monday night, which means that it was family night.  Since my Sis celebrated her 27th birthday last Wednesday, I thought our theme could be her, Auntie B.  So we invited Auntie B, Maw, and Pop to join us in the festivities.  (We invited Uncle Jon too, but he had to work late.) 

In the morning, we worked on a happy birthday sign to hang by the dinner table.  I have these cool dot pens and Caden loves them.  He made a B for Auntie B.  And I didn’t even show him how to do it!  Gotta love Seasame Street.  🙂

DSC03604 by you.

After naptime we decorated monkey cupcakes for dessert, because Auntie B loves monkeys.

DSC03607 by you.

When Auntie B arrived, we took a picture by her sign and with her favorite nephews and then we got changed into out Auntie B Night outfits. 

DSC03611 by you.

DSC03609 by you.

DSC03608 by you.

Jacob wore his bulldog sweatshirt, because Auntie B loves bulldogs, especially Harley.

DSC03618 by you.

And Caden wore his soccer outfit, because Auntie B is a rockin’ soccer player.  They even played a little soccer before Maw and Pop got here.

DSC03615 by you.

Here’s the whole group.  My mom and dad wore scrubs because Auntie B loves being a nurse, and Geric and I dressed up like we were going on vacation, because she LOVES vacationing.

DSC03629 by you.

While dinner was cooking we hung out outside and played some soccer and the monkeys played on the swing set.

DSC03626 by you.

DSC03623 by you.

For dinner we had chicken pot pie (from Costco… one of Auntie B’s favorites) and some veggies.  While we were eating we listened to some Brittney Spears… also one of Auntie B’s favorites.  🙂

DSC03630 by you.

After dinner we played a game.  Since Auntie B loves to shop, I brought out two shopping bags filled with clothes for us to try on.  We raced to put on all the clothes as fast as we could.  It really was so much fun!

DSC03635 by you.

DSC03636 by you.

DSC03637 by you.

DSC03638 by you.

DSC03644 by you.

DSC03643 by you.

I won.  🙂

After the game, we ate our cupcakes.  Jacob LOVED his!  🙂

DSC03645 by you.

This was definitely the best family night so far.  It was so much fun having everyone here.  (We missed Auntie Kristin and Uncle Rob.)   We’re totally going to to have to do it again!

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