Lessons from an Internet-less World

I am thrilled with our new computer!  I would take a picture of it and post it on here but I don’t know how to upload pictures yet.  

The last three weeks without a computer have been interesting.  The first days were the toughest.  I went through some serious withdrawals… seriously.  I went from the girl who checked her email/blogs/facebook hourly, to nothing.  I was really crawling out of my skin.  But after the first week, it was kinda nice.  (Don’t tell Geric I said that.  I’ll totally deny it.)  

I did learn a few lessons while living in my internet-less world that I thought I would share before I get on to my regular blogging and catch you all up on my oh-so-interesting life.

1.  I’m an addict.  (The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?)  I’m not just talking about internet related activities either.  It could be anything, but once I start doing it I get addicted.  Since the internet was my number one addiction, I didn’t notice the others until it was gone.  But I’m totally addicting to coupons.  (Thank you Karin and Carrie for opening the world of couponing to me!) Geric makes fun of me because my new line is, “Oh, I think I have a coupon for that!” And I also became addicted to exercise over the last few weeks, but that can be partly because I had nothing else to do and child care at the gym is a wonderful thing.

2.  I’m a much better mom when my face isn’t glued to the computer screen.  Surprise!

3.  I thrive on my relationships with my blogging buddies and facebook friends.  I’ve actually gained a whole new found respect for stay at home mom’s in the 1980’s and before.  How did they not go completely insane???

4.  I take less pictures when I know I’m not going to blog about it.  Sad, but true.

5.  The internet has developed my hatred of the phone into a complete and total loathing.  I actually had to call a few people that I would normally email and I despised the thought of it.  I survived though.

6.  I read more books when I’m not hooked up to the internet.  That’s a good thing.

7.  Lack of internet = a good tan.  Huh?  When my boys were playing in the backyard, instead of running to the computer, I ran to put on my swim suit and laid out.  Isn’t being a stay at home mom wonderful?  🙂 

8.  I can survive without modern day conveniences, although it’s very inconvenient.

So there.  That’s what I’ve learned.  And I dare you to turn off your computer for a week.  It’s not that bad.  You can do it.  Your kids will like you better, I promise.


3 responses

  1. K, Erin so for downloading photos. . .
    You know the card reader you bought a while back just plug that in and then go the hard drive icon and click on it. Then you will see your memory card in the list on the left, click on it and you will find all your photos!! 🙂 It’s really simple. 🙂 And before you take your card out remember to hit the “eject” icon as to not damage any of your photos. 🙂 If you have any other Mac questions I am happy to help!! I LOVE my Mac!!

  2. Welcome back friend! Yes, my internet free mornings are mighty nice. I think I will keep that going after Easter, at least for the most part.

  3. Thank God you’re back… I’m having withdrawls from not seeing the little nuggets 🙂 Being an addict runs in our genes… AA, Al-Anon, OA, etc, we just can’t help it, at least you’re choosing healthy addictions 🙂 Missed u sis, glad ur back!

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