“Never Before” Family Night

We did this family night a few weeks ago.  The theme (obviously) was “never before,” as in things we had never done before.  I came up with it because I really wanted to try cooking tilapia for dinner since some of my friends said it was an easy fish to cook after I told them the story of how I turned salmon into some mushy cat food concoction.  Since I had never cooked it before, and we had never eaten it before, I decided the night would be filled with things we had never done before.  Cool, right?  Some things quickly turned into never before, and never again.

For example, our craft for the day was tie dying t-shirts.  Thats a horrible craft project.  Don’t do it.  It’s not very interesting so I ended up doing most of it myself and it was sooooo messy.



My hand stayed like that for a few days. Nice. Although if it ever happens to you, lemon juice and baking soda get a lot of it off.

So for dinner we all wore out matching t-shirts. That’s cute. We might do that again, like when we go to Disneyland or something.


Then for dinner we ate the tilapia I cooked. One word, barf. Geric said it was the worst dinner I’ve ever made, and I agreed. I guess we’re just not fishy people. Never again.


After dinner we made some homemade kettle corn, like in a pot on the stove, just like in the olden days! 🙂 Now that was some tasty stuff!!!


Then we relaxed and turned on a movie the boys had never seen before… Peter Pan! (Plus it had Never Never Land in it!)


Jacob enjoyed it with us while we ate kettlecorn…


But Caden said he was scared and hung out in the hall most of the time.


After a half an hour, he got over it and watched it with us. Now he even tells me that he’s Captain Hook and Captain Hook doesn’t get time outs or spanks! Oh, really??? I’m pretty sure even Captain Hook had a mommy.


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