It’s not new news that I don’t enjoy feet.  I think it’s normal.  Who really wants someone’s nasty, yucky feet all up in their lap?  You know you don’t either!  

But I can say this, I love baby feet!  I absolutely LOVE my babies feets!  🙂  I thought since becoming a mommy that maybe my own kid’s feet are the exception to my feet phobia.  I thought that I would just love their little feet forever and tickle the bottoms and eat their toes and all that good stuff.  

But then I looked at Caden’s feet the other day and I thought, his feet are not baby feet anymore.  They are more like boy feet.  And, sure, I’ll still tickle them, but I’m definitely not eating his toes anymore!  When did his cute little pudgy feet go from this


to this?


I don’t like this growing up thing.  It stinks.


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