Backwards Night

I left Geric in charge of Family Night a few weeks ago and he came up with Backwards Night as our theme.  It turned out to be a super fun night!!!

Before dinner we took baths and put on our jammies.  Because we usually do that after dinner.


We ate breakfast for dinner, which is actually a really good idea because the boys ate it up!


After dinner we did a backwards obstacle course.  I set it up in the play room and we all took turns going through it backwards.  I’m pretty sure Caden won… he always does!





Then we pretended like Family Night was over and we turned on a show for the boys to watch before they go to bed.  BUT… half way through the show I turned off the TV, which totally freaked out Caden because, “HEY!  I was watching dat!!” But then I told him that it’s backwards night, so instead of going to bed, we’re going to go out… to the MOVIES!!!!  Here’s him taking a few minutes to process the good news.




So we loaded up the boys and went to the drive in that’s a few minutes from our house to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.  




First of all, that was a funny movie.  You should see it with your kids because it’s enjoyable.  Secondly, you should take your kids to the drive in. It’s way fun!  You don’t have to worry about sitting still or making too much noise and both my boys sat through most of the movie (Caden sat through it all) which is saying A LOT!

So, Backwards Night was a success!  Geric is going to be in charge more often!


3 responses

  1. This one one of my favorite family nights yet! (Mostly cuz it’s the easiest to duplicate with a 10 year old son and almost 4 year old daughter). The only thing I missed was the craft. I guess crafts really aren’t on daddy radar, huh?

  2. Jessica, we went to the one on Van Buren. I didn’t even know there was one in Rubidoux, but Rubidoux kinda scares me.

    We were actually going to skip Family Night this night because I was at my mom and dad’s all day with my sister, but Geric really wanted to do it, so I made him think something up! He’s not as crafty as me. 🙂

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