My Married Teat-a-Leat-Teat-Teat

I was sooooooo excited that I got to see my beautiful Teamer (AKA Robin Hanna) get married last Friday at CBC.  Although I think she was a little crazy and thought we were still in Honduras and planned her evening wedding for OUTSIDE!  I froze my tookus off!

Here’s Geric and I all ready to go.  Notice how I’m not wearing a jacket?  Bad move.


I know this is a bad picture, but here’s Robin and Jeff saying their vows. That’s Jim Mann in the background. The wedding was totally a blast from the past. We saw the Manns, Larkins, Ackers, and of course the Holtrusts. And the photographer was a jr. higher in my cabin at summer camp one year (the stinky one Stef, the cabin, not the girl… she said it scarred her. I don’t blame her.)


And here they are cutting the cake.  Look at all the strawberries!  Yummy!


And here’s the four of us.


I was so happy to be there and see her and be a part of her special day (well, one of her three special days!  She got married in Honduras, here, and in Washington!  Way to put some miles on that fancy dress!)  But it just made me miss her to see her for a little bit and then say goodbye.  I’m trying to get Geric to take the jr. highers to Honduras so I can be reunited with my Teater for longer than an hour.  🙂


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