I’m still alive

I haven’t blogged in forever, right?  But I’m still here.  We lost the battery charger to our camera, so I haven’t taken pictures all summer.  Sad.  But we’re getting back into the swing of things after a crazy summer, so I figured I would get back to ye ol’ blog.  Here’s some updates going youngest to oldest.

Jacob is seriously one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met.  (Perhaps I’m biased, but it’s true!)  He turned two in May and thank God my sister was there to take pictures, so I’ll blog about it soon.  He’s totally a rock star.  He finds guitars wherever he can and he plays them while yelling out (not singing) lyrics to songs.  It’s usually Jake’s music which just melts me heart, because what’s cuter than a two year old singing worship music.  Not much, friends, not much.

Caden is his fiesty little self and always keeping me on my toes.  I love that kid!  He swam as much as he could all summer and swims better than any three year old I know.  No floaties.  Jumping off the diving board into the deep end.  Diving down to get pool toys.  Can anyone say Michael Phelps???  (Minus the bong, of course.) He amazes me!  We’ve started playing school at home because I’m not putting him in preschool this year. He LOVES it.  I set it up similar to the preschool and kindergarten I worked at through college, so we focus on a letter a week and do crafts and read books and count and all that jazz! (Insert jazz hands here.)

I’ve just been doing the usual.  Still wiping butts, still cleaning the house, still watching too much reality TV (although I’m thinking of giving up Jon and Kate plus 8… it’s just so sad now… stupid Jon!), still lovin’ my family… a lot!  I’ve taken leadership roles in both the moms group I go to (RC Momtourage) and my bible study, so that should make a for a very busy year.  I think I’m crazy.  But I just love them!  My job has changed for the year.  It’s less hours and only from October to December right now.  (Thanks Arnold.  Awesome budget.)  So, I’ve applied at a couple of other adult schools and hopefully something works out there.    

Geric is good.  He misses doing ministry, but he got a job with one of our friends.  He runs a mold inspection business.  It’s really what he’s always dreamed of!!! J/K  It’s not what he’s always dreamed of, but it’s paying the bills and giving him more time with us and it’s really an answer to prayer.  So, we’re happy.  🙂  If you know any real estate agents or property managers, send them our way so we can get some more business!  🙂 It’s been so nice having him home more.  He wakes up with the boys every morning and lets me sleep in and he even makes my coffee!  He’s home every night, which is so awesome and we’re just loving being together.

So, that’s that.  I promise my next post will have pictures.  And I promise my next post will be sooner than later.  And I promise you two readers that are still following my blog will be 100% satisfied… or you get your money back.


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