Jacob Turns 2!

So. Jacob turned two on May 27th.  Poor kid. Totally a middle child. (Not officially yet, but someday.) Totally got ignored on the blog on his big day.  Here’s the recap.

We did it small because we were… busy.  🙂  Just family and Nicci and Ezra, who are practically family anyway.

We got the backyard all spiffied up.
backyard decor

The theme was “balloons.” I know, original and totally creative, but the kid REALLY likes them, okay? Here’s the cupcakes I made.

Mommy and the birthday boy!
mommy and jacob

Our guests arrived!
sis and pop
maw and pop
devincenzo men
cute lil' couple
BFF's 2nd generation

The boys went swimming with water balloons and played on the swing set for awhile.
jacob with a water balloon

Caden made sure that Jacob looked at the camera.
look here brother

Jacob did his best puppy imitation.
little puppy

Then we sang happy birthday.
happy birthday to you

We got Jacob his own set of wheels for his present (so I don’t have to break up fights anymore.)
new wheels

But the big hit (literally) was the tee ball set. Here’s all our players.
First up was Jacob.
batter #1
Caden hit a double.
batter #2
Ezra made it on base with a single.
batter #3
and Uncle Rob hit ’em all home!
batter #4
I can’t believe my baby is two! He still seems like a baby to me!


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