What’s in the Fridge?

I blame my sister in law for this. She was babysitting Caden and Jacob and had to pick up her daughter at school. While they were sitting in the notoriously long carpool line, Caden said he had to go pee. What to do? What to do? She looked around her car and found an empty water bottle and had him do the deed in there. Gross, I know. But I guess it was either that or in public behind a bush, which I would NEVER do! (Okay, hardly ever.)

So a few days later I walked into the kitchen and saw this.
open fridge

Didn’t think much of it until Geric came in from mowing the lawn and said, “What is this???”
what the???

It’s not lemonade.


6 responses

  1. HA HA HA HA!!!

    One time we and one other family were staying with the mission Dr.’s family. Everyone was fixing their own dinner and the other man fixed himself a salad. Part way through EATING it, he asked, “What kind of salad dressing is this? It’s very interesting.”
    To which the Dr. replied, “What salad dressing?”
    “The one in the Ball jar.”
    Dr.’s face pales visibly.
    “Those are urine samples to take to the lab tomorrow.

  2. I remember the one and only time I made Zachary pee in a water bottle. Not only was I worried he was going to miss, I was worried it would spill before the lid made it back on the bottle! EWWWW.

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