Ladybug Family Night

We had an overnight visitor a few weeks ago, Cousin Kristyn!  So we decided to celebrate by having a family night!  My Gramma had sent the boys a ladybug tent, so I hid it until family night and used it as my inspiration.  After naptime, Caden came out and had fun reading in there.


When Kristyn got here we went out in the backyard and painted rocks to look like ladybugs.



For dinner we had turkey burgers, zucchini, and ladybug mashed potatoes!


After dinner, we decorated ladybug cookies to eat on our ladybug plates.




Then, the cousins snuggled in the tent to watch “A Bug’s Life” which proves that ladybugs are actually very manly insects.



3 responses

  1. It’s chopped olives! I mean to get the sliced ones that are already in circles for me, but I accidentally picked up the wrong can! Whoopsy daises! Just like Tim Gunn would say, we made it work. 🙂

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