Baseball Family Night

I’m not sure what inspired this since we’re not really sporty people. I mean, Geric surfs and watched the occasional football game, but part of the reason I married him is because I knew we wouldn’t be spending hours in front of the television watching something that involves a ball. πŸ™‚ But since it is baseball season (right?) we decided to have Baseball Family Night!

During the day, the boys and I made these visors to wear at dinner. (They totally reminded me of ACE softball… Mindi and Stef, remember the visors were the conversation piece that led to our beautiful friendship! πŸ™‚ )


For dinner we had hotdogs and cracker jacks (and asparagus) because that’s good old fashioned baseball food. The boys were very unimpressed with the piece of paper that was the prize in the cracker jacks bag!



After dinner we played baseball in the living room. (We did this during the fires and it was too smoky to play outside.)




For dessert we made cool-a-coo’s, which, to me, are the biggest reason one should go to a baseball game, live and in person. Yummy!



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