Crocodile Family Night

Caden picked the theme for this family night.  He said he wanted to do crocodiles, so we went for it!

In the afternoon, we prepared our desserts for the night, crocodile rice krispie treats! We put green food coloring the marshmallows and we put corn flakes in the with the rice crispies to make the crocodile more bumpy.


Afterwards, the boys went outside to swim and be crocodiles in the lagoon.


I told them how crocodiles keep their whole body underwater and stick their eyeballs above the water to watch for food and enemies.


For dinner, we ate crocodile food. I know this is a stretch, but we had frozen shrimp in the freezer and I thought that crocodiles on the bayou probably eat crawfish, which are kinda like a shrimp’s brother, right???  And we ate trees from the swamp!


Our beverage was swamp sippers.  We froze gummy worms in green ice cubes and put them in the murky colored lemonade!


After dinner we did a dinosaur floor puzzle together, which is like a crocodiles brother, right?  So much fun!


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