Constipated Blog

We’ve had some MAJOR blog backup going on over here!  MAJOR!!  I’ve just been a total neglector of this here blog, and lazy about uploading pictures, and really, really busy with life.  Raising two boys, working part time, leading Bible study and Momtourage… sorry blog, you’re at the bottom of my priority list.  It’s just the way it has to be.  (If you’ve watched Monster Inc. one hundred thousand times, like me, you realize I just quoted a major character.  Pop quiz… who?  I like games.)  But after finally uploading some pictures, I realize I have 11 posts that need posting!  So, I’m gonna do one a day for the next 11 days, and hopefully get all caught up.  So, consider this your laxative, Blog, and let’s get movin’!   WARNING: I’m about two months behind so you will be seeing Halloween pictures.  🙂

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