Happy Birthday Caden

Caden celebrated his GOLDEN birthday this year!  Golden because he turned four on the forth.  Only happens once a lifetime, you know?

The day before his actual birthday presents arrived from Grandma Gigi!  So we had to open them… there was no waiting one more day!

presents from gramma gigi

The next morning he opened presents from Mommy, Daddy, and Jacob.

opening present from mom and dad

It was a Leapster!

gift from mom and dad

enjoying his leapster

He decided to have a Buzz Lightyear birthday party, so we made his wish come true.  Here’s the spread of food.  I tried to recreate all the toys from the movie, but forgot Woody at home!  Silly me!

the spread

Here’s his cake… that I made.  (I just blew steam on my fingernails and wiped them on my shirt.  What does that mean?  Why do people do that?)  It’s a rocket with Caden in one window and Buzz and Woody in the others.  At first he wanted Buzz and Jacob, but at the last minute he wanted Woody instead.  Brother out, Woody in.

the cake

We had a treasure hunt where Buzz wrote us a letter about a star being stolen by the Evil Emperor Zurg and it was our mission to retrieve it and bring it back to the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4.   After a bunch of clues, we found it!  And then we hit it with a stick until candy came out.

first clue

caden and the pinata

Here’s brothers at the party.
brothers at the party

And then Caden blew out his candles and opened some presents.


blowing out the candles

And then we bounced.

bouncing with auntie b

bouncing with the grandparents 2

It was a GREAT day!

P.S.  It was my birthday too.  It wasn’t golden.  I turned 31.  Now I have crows feet when I smile.  (Why crow’s?  Maybe it should be dove’s.  They’re prettier.)  Here’s my mom and I.  Geric got me a new outfit.  The sweatshirt is part of it.  Sidenote: if your due date is on your birthday, try to induce labor early.  Sharing your birthday is not as fun as it sounds.



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