We had a dog for a day

Right before Christmas Geric nad I had these really irrational thoughts that we needed a pet.  Geric has always wanted a chocolate lab, but they are hard to come by for a reasonable price.  We found these black lab puppies for a great price in Victorville, so even though every single one of my friends advised me not to (seriously, EVERY SINGLE ONE) we went and got ourselves a dog.

We named him Bear.  His named evolved during the car trip home.  We were trying to think of famous black americans that we could name him after (since he was a black american, too) so we picked the most famous one, and settled on Barack, which turned into Barry, which turned into Bear.

Anyway, he was a good dog.  He loved us and and we loved him.

He barked a lot though.  And he pooped.  Duh.  Of course he pooped, but I really don’t need to be dealing with any more poop.  And Geric was sleeping out on the couch at night so that the dog wouldn’t cry all night and wake up my kids!  It kinda sucked.  But the clincher was that Jacob is allergic to dogs.  We didn’t know that going into it.  But he got all congested and broke out in hives.  Nice.  So we took him back. (The dog, not Jacob.)

Geric was pretty bummed.  It was his first dog ever.  Poor deprived childhood.

And almost every day since them, Jacob asks, “Where’s Bear?”  And I say, “We took him back to his house, buddy.”  And he replies,   “Oh yah, Bear makes me sick.”  He’s not sad, he just likes to have this conversation every day.

Our new pup!  Jacob says it looks like he has Tinker Bell in his eyes.

Good bye, Bear.  It was nice knowing you.


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