Ice, Ice Baby

At the beginning of the month my mom and  dad had bought tickets to take Caden and Jacob to Disney on Ice, but they ended up making a mad dash up to Oakland, so Geric and I went with the boys instead.  It was really a lot of fun, and my mom and dad got awesome tickets.  They were so excited!  Here’s Caden’s face when the show started.


Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy all got stranded in their little car.


But, don’t worry, the Cars cars came out to save the day!!  I love Mater. He cracks me up!


At this time, Jacob was sitting nicely, enjoying the show.


Next up was The Little Mermaid… I got some good shots of Sebastian and Ursula.



Jacob was over it.


But we still had the Lion King… here’s Pumba and Timon.


And then… the most exciting part… the ZAMBONI!!! (Which is actually foreshadowing our anniversary dinner, the very next day! Dooo, dooo, dooo, dooo… that was Twilight Zone theme music.)


Finally, Tinker Bell and all her pals came out.



Jacob was saying that it was too loud.


Then the show was over… and Caden was really bummed that Peter Pan didn’t come out with Tinker Bell.  So bummed, in fact, that he threw a temper tantrum the whole way to the car.  I tried to explain that SOMEBODY had to stay at Disneyland for all the boys and girls that were visiting the park that day, but he wasn’t buying it.


Oh, well.  Kids are impossible to please. Overall, it was fun, and now that a month has almost passed, Caden looks back and admits that he had a super fun time, even if Peter Pan wasn’t there.

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  1. We went too. They were great up until the intermission. Then they were ready to go and Aubrey was pretty upset that Tinkerbell had yet to appear. The other neagative was the $12 snow cones I refused to buy my kids. It was fun but I was wishing we had gone to the circus instead the month before. I think that would have been a better fit for thier age. Oh well, next up, real ice skating. That way they can fall a bunch just like Ariel!

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