Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!!!!

It’s train family night!!  Choooooo choooooo!  The boys are sooooo into trains right now… and I love it.  They literally spend hours playing together in their room.  I mean, it sometimes turns bloody, but for the most part, they really play!  I knew the day would come!!!  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!  Anyway, back to family night…

During the day, the boys painted little trains that we got at the craft store.  Here’s how they turned out.



For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs that I made into little piles to look like individual train cars and then there was some broccoli, like trees that the train was going around, but I don’t have a picture.  Use your imagination.

After dinner, we used all their tracks from all their different train sets and made the WORLDS LARGEST TRAIN TRACK!  They loved it, and we kept it set up in our entry way for a few days.  Good thing we don’t get a lot of visitors!


For dessert, we decorated rice krispie treats to look like little trains.



Choo cute!  Hahahaha!


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