I’m obsessed

… with Pioneer Woman.  Have you read her blog?  I think the first time I found it was because I googled a recipe, but now our relationship has evolved, and I kinda want to be her.

First of all, her food is oh-so-delish, and the pictures that accompany the recipe just make the dish that much more appetizing.  I actually get excited to go shopping to buy food and cook dinner.  She makes everything look so yummy, and easy, and not messy.  Incredible.

But then you add to it that she lives in the country in the middle of nowhere, and I REALLY dream about that… partly because the pit bull next door wakes me up every night and the man across the street spends his summers watching Law and Order ’til the wee hours of the morning with his front door open and the voluming set to BLARING, but mostly because I want to sit on a porch in a rocking chair with Geric and sip lemonade and listen to crickets.

She’s also a photographer, a hilarious writer, does crafty things in her spare time, maintains an amazing blog, remodels her house to look beautiful, and get this… she homeschools her four children!  I don’t really want to homeschool in real life, but sometimes I think about it.  I mean, I think if I could do it (like if I was supermom, or something), it would be great for my kids and they would probably get a better education than they would if I sent them to the public school I’m supposed to send them to, but I worry someone might end up dead.  So, better to send them off for a few hours every day, and I’ll fill in the gaps later.

Anywho, check out her blog.  It will either inspire you (and you’ll be obsessed like me) or it’ll make you feel really bad about yourself, because she really sets a standard of living the is impossible to obtain.  But, gosh, it would be nice if I could.


2 responses

  1. She has a cookbook too, for sale in real book stores. Pretty cool! Come move to Colorado and you can get a little piece of land and be your own pioneer woman. I’m just sayin’…

  2. I love her blog, too, and sometimes I try to figure out how many hours she gets to do all she does, because it certainly has to be more than 24. How do we sign up for extra, too?? But then I realize that blogs like hers allow me to live another life vicariously without giving up what I love about mine. That helps me not be enraged with envy 🙂

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