I’m not a big fan of Halloween.  Not because of any evil connections to the holiday, or anything like that.  Just because the last few years have kind of been a bust, and I’m over it.  We usually go to Water of Life’s Trunk or Treat, but since they were projecting 10,000 people in attendance, we decided to pass and go to one at Caden’s school instead.  Little did we know, his school is practically the Water of Life of Riverside, and we stood in an enormously long line for an hour and a half getting mad at all the little 10 year old punks cutting in front of us for 10 pieces of candy.  Then we jumped in a bounce house.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy some candy at Stater Bros.?  I know, where’s my Halloween spirit?

That was Friday.  We should have just been content with what we had, and our crowded little experience, but we were determined to have fun, and gosh darnit, we were trick or treating!  So we headed over to my mom and dad’s house to do just that.  Unfortunately, all the kids in the neighborhood have grown up, and my parents block was literally a ghost town… not a single trick or treater in sight!  Not to mention most of the neighbors had their porch lights off, which everyone knows is the universal sign for “Don’t you dare ring my doorbell!”

So, we went up to Thoroughbred, where all the rich people live, because they were bound give out the BIG candy bars (or so my husband thought.)  I’ve lived in Alta Loma my whole life.  Why hasn’t anybody ever told me that Thoroughbred is not only the land of beautiful Christmas lights, but also where the entire city gathers on Halloween???  It was crazy!  But we trick or treated.  Got some candy.  Got one BIG candy bar.  And then we left.

But the real reason for Halloween, is to dress up your kids like complete and total cuteness.  Here are my boys.

wolverine and ironman

And the whole reason for this post… my most adorable baby nieces!  Whooooo has the cutest nieces?  I do!  That’s whoooooo!  (Raise your hand if you think my sister should start her own blog and post these cute faces everyday!  Me, me, me!)

Owl Abby

Owl Emma

And Harley (my dog-neice) could never be forgotten.

White Rabbit Harley

Happy Halloween!


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