My Kids are Readers!

We take a trip to the library every couple of weeks.  It’s right by Caden’s school and there’s a park out front, so its a fun little free treat that we do together.  It’s funny though.  My kids are such creatures of habit.  The books they pick out make me smile.

Caden is in a pirate stage… big time.  He has rigged our swing set in the backyard to be his own pirate ship.  His new favorite movie is Hook.  He walks around talking like a pirate.  The one toy he picked out at Disneyland for his birthday was a pirate sword and gun… even though he’s a little timid to ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.  He loves pirates!  So, it makes sense that every book he picked out was about a pirate.  See?


Jacob, on the other hand does something different.  He is also a creature of habit, but he’s a little more rigid.  He actually picks the EXACT SAME BOOK every time we go to the library… Chicka Chicka ABC.  One time, it wasn’t there and he was pissed! Not sad or disappointed, but ready to rip the librarian’s head off. Pissed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that book, but we have read it so much that he actually has it memorized… the whole thing.  No joke.

No, wait.  Scratch that.  He knows how to read. He reads the whole thing all by himself. What can I say?  My kid’s a genius.



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  1. That is so funny about chica boom book, my friend’s little girl is obsessed with that one too, guess I should be on the look out for Brianna. Apparently it’s the toddler best seller 🙂

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