The Odd Couple

Sometimes, I think, “My boys could not be any more different if they tried.”

Caden is very particular and quick to please, Jacob is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants-kinda-guy, whether you like it or not.  Caden is sensitive and affectionate, Jacob is more thick-skinned and a prickly pear when it comes to cuddle time.  Caden is apprehensive when it comes to new things, Jacob is completely fearless… even when a little fear would do him some good.  You get the picture, right?

Well, their personalities shined through very loudly the other day when they were planning their escape from our house.  Caden decided he didn’t like his family anymore and would rather live with Wyatt’s family, which cracks me up because now that we can’t go to Momtourage anymore we very rarely see Wyatt… but I guess they have a very special bond.  Anyway, Caden talked Jacob into joining him on his journey, so I told them to pack a bag and Geric said he would walk them down to the bus stop.  Here’s their bags.


(Like them?  You could get one too!  Just click on C&C Embroidery for some info! Haha!)

After the whole ordeal was over (Caden realized how scary a bus ride would be before they left our driveway… Jacob was dragged into our backyard and locked in like a prisoner) I opened their bags and saw this.

Here’s Caden’s very practical bag… his favorite outfits, even his toothbrush was in there!


And here’s Jacob’s… toys, his favorite jammies, and a pair of dirty underwear.


Crazy kids!

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