3 is the new 2

Have you heard that?  Because it’s true.  I hate 3.  I think it’s the worst age ever, and if I could be Sleeping Beauty, I would sleep through it until my kids each turn 4. Because something very magical happens at 4.  They get it.  No, they aren’t perfect.  But they are logical, and not so boundary-pushing and obnoxious.  (Have I shared too much?)

I know this because of Caden. He literally did a 180 when he turned 4, and all was right with the world… until Jacob turned 3… 7 months later… which feels like an eternity ago… but it was only 7 months ago.

So, I’m pretty sure I just need to survive the next 5 months until Jacob turns 4.


Actually, I need to let Jacob survive for the next 5 months until he turns 4.


One response

  1. I don’t want to become an obsessive commenter, but so many of your posts really get to me — in a good way! I am in the last month of Lucas being 3, so I hear ya. He has been a stinker! But what scares me is that with my other two boys, 4 was the hardest age of all. Those personalities and opinions come out with such gusto! So now I am scred for next month when Lucas turns 4 — could he get any worse? Sadly, I know from past experience that he can. My only hope is that he is ahead of the game and got his 4ness done in his 3s. Somehow, as much as I try to believe this, I fear I am only deluding myself. Which sometimes is the only way to survive 🙂

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