Advent: Week 3

This week’s advent candle is the Candle of Joy.  This seemed so much easier to tackle than the Candle of Promise or the Candle of Preparation.  And it was in some ways, but it was just a hard day for me.  I’m SO ready to be done with this pregnancy that I kept having to remind myself to stay joyful throughout the day, otherwise, what’s the point, right?

The boys and I talked about what joy is and then we started to make a list of things that bring us joy.  After a few ideas, I thought I would spice things up a little bit and send them on a treasure hunt to find things that I knew brought joy to them.  So, I would give them a clue, and off they would run to find their “joyful surprise.”  They loved it!

First, they found Abby and Emma!  Look at Caden’s face!  So sweet!  After we put them on our list, he kept running over to their pictures and kissing them and saying, “They are soooooo cute, Mom!  I just can’t stop looking at them!”   Such a great cousin!  I hope he loves his littlest brother as much.  🙂


Then they found stickers in the dryer,


marshmallows under their pillows,


a picture of themselves playing naked in the mud (got a few laughs!) in the hamper,


and finally Jesus under the desk!



We talked about how after Jesus was born, the angels came to the shepherds in the field and told them about the birth of our Savior and then sang for joy!  So we made a little angel craft using their feet and hands.




For dinner we ate angel hair pasta with lemon chicken and broccoli and we had some angel food cupcakes for dessert that the boys had helped me bake.



During dinner, Geric read us this part of the story from the Bible and we sang Joy to the World.


Then, we talked about how Christmas isn’t just about getting presents under the tree, but it’s also about GIVING, and how we can experience joy through GIVING.  We told them that there are some boys and girls that won’t be getting anything for Christmas but we can help them by buying them gifts and giving them to our church.  We gave each kid $20 and went down to Target to go shopping.  It took a little convincing for them to experience the joy in buying someone else a present, but they did a great job!


We dropped their toys off yesterday and they were really excited to do it!  So proud of them!

Next week is the Candle of Love, but I’m really hoping we have a new baby by then, so we might do something low key… like sit around and tell each other how much we love each other.  🙂


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