The Mission Inn

Our Riverside Christmas tradition is to go to the Mission Inn every year.  We usually go on a week night, but this year we went on the weekend.  From now on, we’ll stick to week nights.  But we still had fun!

We ate treats of mini donuts and apple crisp by a fountain, so the boys threw some pennies in and made a couple of wishes.  Their wishes were so cute, which is the whole reason I took a picture of them doing this… but now I forget what they said!  How sad.


We saw Santa’s reindeer, that looked pathetically sad and like someone might be on the verge of calling PETA.  The way they were breathing was just not normal.  But here is one of them.


And here are my kids standing in front of one of them.


We took a picture by a big Christmas tree


and then we were going to wait in line to see Santa, but the line was soooooo long.  So we looked at him through the window!  Could we be any more ghetto???


We wandered over to the Mission Inn to check out the lights,


and take our annual freaky elf picture.


Merry Christmas!


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