First Week Home

I know there’s been a lack of posts in the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy.

I can honestly say, though, that baby number 3 is way easier than baby number 1 or 2.  For me, Caden was the hardest, but in retrospect, he had the best temperament.  Strange, right?  I think when we had our first child, our world was just ROCKED!  Way more than I ever dreamed it could be.  And I never realized how selfish I was, until I had to sacrifice so much to be a mom.  Things like sleep, doing things on my own time, running in and out of the house quickly to run errands, remembering where I set down my cup of hot coffee… you know, things like that.  Plus, everything felt like it was going to last FOREVER!!!  I thought he would never sleep through the night.  I thought I would be breastfeeding every three hours for an eternity.  I was dying for him to get to the toddler stage where he could sleep at night, eat solid food, and tell me what he wanted.  Little did I know, toddlerhood does not guarantee a full night’s rest or speaking in an understandable language.  And things actually get harder once they become mobile!

Then Jacob was my little surprise!  I love that kid and can’t imagine my world without him, but he was definitely not planned.  So, having two kids under two was really, really, really hard!  I remember feeling like I was robbing Caden of his time with us, but also feeling like I wanted to cut myself in half so half of me could be taking care of Jacob.  And he was a little more fussy than Caden, which made things interesting in our two bedroom little house!  🙂

So, now that Elijah is here, life is cake!  JK!  Not that it’s easy, but it’s definitely easier.  There was no big shock at his arrival, and Caden and Jacob entertain each other so much that I don’t feel like I am neglecting them.  I think they actually prefer each other to me or Geric!  I also, realize that nothing lasts forever, and there really is no rhyme or reason when it comes to infants.  I can’t figure out why he sleeps well one night and not the next.  Or why it seems like he prefers one blanket one day as opposed to another on another day.  Or one binkie as opposed to another.  Or why he’s so fussy today, but he slept all day yesterday.  There’s just no figuring it out, and there’s some relief in knowing that I can’t and won’t figure it out, but eventually it’ll pass.  There’s also some relief in looking at Caden and Jacob and realizing that crying never killed them.  So, even though the sound of my baby crying kinda makes me want to peel my skin off, I know he’ll be okay.  I know he won’t suffer from any permanent abandonment issues… I hope.

Alright, enough with my thoughts from the first week.  Here’s some pictures!

Cutie pie in his rocket outfit!


He spent a lot of time being cuddled by his oldest brother, who cannot get enough of him!  (Jacob could take him or leave him, depending on his mood at any given moment.)


And sleeping!


Then I tried to get all professional and take some cute photos (before Jessica came over to do it for me!)




And some more time with Caden.



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