First Bath at Home

All my kids have screamed through their first bath, so it makes sense that Elijah is no exception.  However, it did feel like Geric and I were moving in slow motion and kinda extending the torture for him.  Poor guy.  Thank God my sis was there to document the moment.

The tears started before he even touched the water.


Washing baby hair is a two man job when you haven’t done it in three and a half years! (In defense of my own crazy hair, I actually had a hair appointment scheduled the morning Elijah decided to be born. So, my roots have actually been desperately calling Robin’s name for the last three weeks. Things like, “Robin! Save us! Help us! We’re all exposed!”)


Still crying.


Time to dry off!  Still crying.  (Ignore the unfolded laundry in the background.  I swear there is only one basket and my arm is not hiding two more.  Honest.)


Ahhhhhh, that’s better.



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