One Month Old!

My baby boy is already one month old!  Why does time go by so fast after the baby is born, but man, did November and December just drag on by???

So, as a one month old Elijah enjoys such activities as eating, sleeping, pooping, and spitting up!  🙂  He gained a pound at his last appointment, so now he weighs 8lb. 9 oz. … I think he’s going to be my big boy.

He’s real strong and already holding his head up, although he’s still a little bobble head-ish.

He smiled at me once, and I’m convinced it wasn’t gas, but that I have yet another genius child on my hands.  What can I say?  We breed ’em cute and smart over here in the DeVincenzo house!

Some improvements I’d like to see made over the next month is SLEEPING!!!!  A four hour stretch would be marvelous.  He could also stand to improve his behavior in the car seat (as in, not screaming the whole entire time he’s in it.)  But other than that, he’s pretty much perfect.  🙂  Here’s some one month old pictures!

Mr. Serious

Don’t worry, he’s not crying, just talking.

Aw, sike! He’s pissed! But I love that face!!!


One response

  1. So adorable, even when screaming! Your carseat comments bring me back to mantras of-babies don’t die from crying-I used to say that every red light with my screamer and loud radio static was our best friend in the car, it worked most of the time to quiet the ear piercing shrill, too bad I didn’t discover it until month 3. Although I doubt the other ears in the car want to hear static. Oh well at least on Feb 3rd you will have a nice quiet car ride to and from work :).

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