Grab a banana… it’s Monkey Night!

Last week we brought back Family Night for the first time since becoming a family of five.  And in honor or our newest little monkey (which is what I call all my boys) we decided it’s only fitting to have Monkey Night!!!

The day started off at the park, where the big boys climbed on the monkey bars,


and swung in the trees!



Elijah kicked it in the stroller.


It was so hot when we got home, that we monkeyed around some more in the backyard.



Seriously, have you ever encountered this much cuteness in one spot???  I didn’t think so.

We prepared our dessert for the evening, banana bread.  Yum!


Once Geric got home, we got dressed in our money attire, which consisted of pajamas for the boys and I,


and the cutest little hat for Elijah.


For dinner we had leftover lasagna.  (Hey!  I have three kids now!  Cut me some slack!)  Plus, I call Caden my Monk-a-noodle.  It’s a cross between a monkey and a noodle.  So….


And we made Monkey Bread!  Does anyone else remember when Little Ceasars served Monkey Bread?  I mean, before it was called Crazy Bread?  Or is that just what my Dad called it???


When I was feeding Elijah, Geric read Curious George to the big boys.


After dinner we played a game of banana hunt.  Jacob was actually REALLY good at this game.  Which makes me wonder, why is it that he can’t ever find his shoes on his own???  Hmmmmmmm….



Another fun family night! Now, go plan one with your family! It’s fun! Go bananas! Ha!


One response

  1. Erin- I love Family Monkey night!! Soooo cute. I call my boys monkey too…i believe all boys should be born with a tail..haha.
    I think this could be a great church planned family event. hmmmm…might have to call you and have you help me organize one.
    Your a great Mommy! love you

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