Caden’s Broken Arm

We’ve had our first trip to the emergency room and it resulted in our first broken bone.  It was bound to happen in a house full of boys, but it still sucked.

It was my first night back to work since Elijah had been born and I was there for about 10 minutes when Geric called.  I immediately thought something was wrong with the baby, but he calmly told me that he was on his way to the emergency room because Caden had broken his arm.  He was so calm that I though he was exaggerating.  I mean, come on, how did he know his arm was broken?  Does he have x-ray vision or something?  Then he gave me the details.

Caden is our most agile monkey.  Remember, I just wrote that post about the Little Gym and how good he was at that?  Well, he was the same way on our swing set.  He would flip upside down and swing from the top and NEVER fall.  It was amazing… until he fell and broke his arm.  He fell from the very top and landed straight down on his left hand which broke both the bones in his forearm.  Did you just cringe?  That was my purpose in that last sentence… to make you cringe.

Anyway, I ended up leaving work (and I think my principal was annoyed, but when it come to my kid, my principal’s opinion really doesn’t count.) I met Geric in the x-ray room and Caden’s arm looked broken.  Now I saw why Geric didn’t need x-ray vision to make that assessment.  If he held his arm up, his forearm literally looked like a valley.  He was so brave though.  He wasn’t crying when I saw him, just quiet and shivery and a little pale.  Sad to see your kid like that.  I took Elijah and Jacob home to eat and go to bed.

Geric called with updates and I was honestly fine until he called to say that they were going to consciously sedate Caden to set his bones back in place.  That freaked me out!  I don’t want my baby drugged.  I hated that idea, but I was thankful Geric was there and being a strong Daddy, and I was home getting the news.  Ha called later to say that it was a totally freaky expereince and he cried a little to see his kid totally out of it, but that his bones were back in place and a splint was set on his arm to hold everything in place and they were coming home.

Kids really are resilient.  The doctor gave us some tylenol with codiene and we gave it to Caden the first night, but not again since then.  He hasn’t complained of pain once and attempted riding his bike yesterday afternoon.  There’s no keeping a 5 year old down.

So, anyway, those of you that are facebook friends, thanks for your prayers during the live feed!  🙂  Here’s a picture of our champ with his sling on!  Next week we go in for a cast.


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