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  1. You could combine two and go with “Queen of the Jungle” — BTW, I love being the only girl in my house, too. And because of it, I am so with you on the smells — the pee is totally out of control 🙂

  2. I like It’s Good to be Queen, because you are the author of your blog so it’s all about you! 🙂 But really, any name you pick will be just fine! 🙂
    Unless you want to turn it into a book, than the title will make more of a difference . . . 🙂 Oh and I like the idea above of combining two titles to “Queen of the Jungle”. 🙂

  3. I like Queen of the Jungle too. You could go one further: Queen of the Stinking Jungle.
    Erin, I actually enjoy reading your blog. Quite a gift you have my sister.
    Love you MUCHO!

  4. I agree the title should reference YOU since it is all about you (and your kids). I like ‘Queen of the Jungle’ as already suggested but what about ‘Stay at Home Queen’ or ‘Life of a SAH Queen (the irony kills me…srsly I just almost fell off my throne…i mean chair…ha!)

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