Love Day, Family Night

Before we get into family night, I thought I’d let you all know I settled on “Queen of the Jungle.”  Good call, Stef!  Love it!  Sums up my life pretty accurately.  🙂

Okay onto Valentine’s Day!  Yay!

I was never really a hater of Valentine’s Day, even when I was single.  Once I got married, Geric bombed our first Valentine’s Day BIG TIME!  And just because I’m declaring that publicly does not mean that I’m holding a grudge.  I swear.  Because since then, he has made it up.  In fact, I don’t really know why I decided to share that, but I did.

Anyway, my point is that since the kids have arrived, the day pretty much revolves around them.  And, honestly, it’s a lot more fun that way.

What does that say about my marriage?  Hmmmm…

Anywho, we started off the day with pink heart pancakes.  Always a hit!



After breakfast Caden passed out heart stickers to everyone.  He asked if he could put one on Elijah and I said it probably wasn’t a good idea because he might pull it off and put it in his mouth and choke.  (I know, worst case scenario there, but you never know!!!)  Anyway, as I was putting Elijah in his swing later on, I noticed this:


Caden said he put it in a spot where he wouldn’t grab it!  Hahaha!  And thats my only picture of Elijah on Valentines Day!  How sad!  But he seriously slept a lot, through most of the day actually.  No wait, here’s one from my phone:


In the afternoon we started decorating for dinner.  We were supposed to watercolor, but since Caden and Jacob threw the watercolors over the fence into our neighbors yard (Seriously?  Seriously.) we decided to use crayons instead.  I had the boys think of everyone they loved and I wrote their names down on paper.  I cut out hearts around them and then we colored the hearts (they were supposed to paint here.)  We were going to hang all the hearts from the light above the table, but they thought of so many names that that seemed like a very daunting task.  I opted for taping them to the fireplace mantle instead.  Nice.



We decorated our table with new valentines placemats (from Gammy), flowers (from Ger), candles, and fancy glasses.  Beautiful!


For dinner we ate spaghetti and heart shaped meatballs.  Yummy!


As we were eating we listened to Love Songs on the KOST, KOST 103.5.  Did you just sing that in your head?  Because I was singing it as I was typing.

We were going to play a game after dinner involving numbers and a dice and love, but time was running short and Caden has school tomorrow, so, we all went around and told each other something we loved about each other.  It was actually really sweet.  I got all teary eyed a few times.  Can someone say hormonal?

For dessert we ate chocolate covered strawberries.  The benefit of eating by candlelight is that you don’t realize how messy your children’s faces are… until the flash goes off!




Here’s my sweetie and I!


Then the boys and I cuddled on the couch for some “Be my Valentine, Charlie Brown” while Geric cleaned the kitchen. (Told you he made it up!)


Fun!  Simple!  Great way to celebrate the day!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


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  1. Yah! I am glad you liked the suggestion 🙂 I am now envisioning a whole new blog design with some sort of lioness involved 🙂 BTW, Elijah is melting mt heart more and more with each post!

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