Lauren’s Jesus-Filled Heart

If you’re my facebook friend, then you know that little Lauren got her heart!  But just in case you aren’t my facebook friend, or you want some more deatails, here they are.

Lauren was born with a heart defect where only half her heart worked, and after several surgeries her doctors and family thought she was in the clear for awhile.  Eventually she would need a heart transplant, but not until she was older.  Unfortunately, she contracted the H1N1 virus, and her health took a turn for the worst.  In November, she was admitted into Loma Linda Children’s hospital and doctors told her parents that she needed a heart.  That was their only option.  Lauren needed a new heart.

Camille, Lauren’s mommy has been my friend for the past 3 years.  She was my leader at the weekly woman’s Bible study that I go to.  We prayed for Lauren a lot that first year because that was when she was supposed to have the last of her many surgeries as a child.  There were a few things I knew right off the bat with Camille.  #1 she is one of the the sweetest, most genuine people I know and a total giver.  #2 She LOVES her family. #3 She’s a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

That passion for Jesus is exactly what got her and her family through this ordeal.  Remember the woman in the Bible that was bleeding and just needed to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe, because she knew that if she did she would be healed?  That’s Camille.  She kept her eyes on Jesus, and her hands on the hem of his robe and let him pull her through these last 4 months.  She never doubted, she was never swayed, she spoke with confidence knowing that God had a plan and that Lauren’s Jesus filled heart was coming.

And come it did!  A few of my friends and I were fasting and praying for Lauren’s heart.  For lack of a better word, it was intense.  I know this may sound crazy (wouldn’t be the first time I sounded like that!) but it was a battle like I had only experienced once before in my prayer life.  As soon as we started pressing in, Lauren started having some really, really bad days.  Lab results were bad.  Picc lines were blown.  She was in pain.  It sucked.  Where we were intending to usher in the glory of God, it felt like opened the gates if hell on this little girl.  It was gutwrenching.

But then God broke through in a mighty way!  Why?  Because He is our mighty Healer and He loves His people, that’s why!

I was on my way to the Discovery Science Center with my family, and I was praying for Lauren.  The only way I can describe it, is that there was some sort of shift in the universe.  Where I had been feeling sadness and defeat and anguish for this baby girl, I suddenly felt peace.  I felt victory.  I felt confidence.  I knew we would not see the sting of death, but that Lauren would get her heart.  Little did I know, but my friends were feeling the same thing!  How good is God?  Awesome, that’s what!  Two hours later I got a call that there was a heart for Lauren, and I burst into tears… in the middle of the Discovery Science Center.

After I got home I went to the hospital to pray with Lauren’s family and my friends, who are now my sisters.  The Holy Spirit was so present that night and his joy filled the hallways.  That night Lauren went into surgery with some staggering statistics, but by noon the next day, she had a heart.  The doctors were amazed at how smoothly everything went and said they felt all the prayers of Lauren’s supporters during the surgery.  When I got the text that they could hear her heart beating in the background of the operating room, I burst into tears again.  When I went to visit at the hospital, Camille had seen the echo and saw all four BEAUTIFUL chambers of Lauren’s new heart.  The surgeon looked at her and her husband and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Gentry, your daughter is going to be fine.”

There are so many more God moments that happened during the course of this whole experience, but the bottom line is that God LOVES us!  His love is so overwhelming, it’s uncontainable.  People make God into such a religious thing with so many do’s and don’ts that we forget about God’s love.  And, really, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?  He made us in the first place, because He LOVES us.  He sent His Son to earth because He LOVES us.  He saved us because He LOVES us.  He sent the Holy Spirit because He LOVES us.  And His love is so amazing!!!  Why do so many of us push it aside or choose to not accept it at all?  I honestly have no idea.  He’s just sitting there waiting for us to wake up and realize that he just wants to love on us.  And once we realize that, we can’t help but love Him back.  I can’t stop singing the praises of my Jesus!

So, while Lauren is going to be fine (Praise Jesus!) I continue to pray.  I pray that Lauren continues to recover and will soon run in the grass with her Daddy, because God’s not finished with her yet.  I pray for the family who lost their child and gave the gift of life to Lauren, because God is a God of comfort, and God’s not done with them yet either.  And now that I have seen firsthand the mighty power of my God, I pray for the miraculous, because I know He can.

Here’s Lauren lookin’ good and getting ready to go home soon!

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  1. AMEN! I know there have been some set backs but I am continuing to pray… God is good and Lauren will be home soon! Trust and Believe! Love you Sister and your faith in Our Mighty Might Savior! XOXO

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