One third

One third of the first year of Elijah’s life has passed!!!  It went by so fast, and I’m starting to feel like myself again.  Not only am I wearing all my old jeans (can I get a cheer, please?), but I’m also getting a grasp on being a mommy of three boys, and it’s gotten a little easier.  It helps that Caden and Jacob are so close.  I thought I would never say that, because two years ago I was going loco.  But now, they are easy.  In fact, I was telling my sister that if I had never had Elijah, I would be living the high life right now.  But I love the little guy!  And I can’t imagine my life without him!  Who else would keep me company every night at 3am… EVERY night.  Here’s some of the stuff that’s he’s been up to during the last month.

He’s gotten into a couple of new toys.  The bumbo seat, which kinda cracks me up!


And the exersaucer.  At first he freaked, but now he likes it.  Look how cute he is!


He has also taken to the nuk binkies!  Yay!  All my boys liked the Nuk!  There’s just something comforting about it to me.  And I feel like it stays in his mouth better than the soothie that he was occasionally using before.


Someone found his feet, too!


Look how handsome he is.


He has also starting grabbing at his toys, and my hair, which is falling out in the handfuls.  I’m not exaggerating.  The amount of hair I pulled out of my shower drain today could be woven together into a sweater for a small dog.  But anyway, here’s Elijah grabbing at his toys.


And here’s a close up of his mad fine motor skills.  And his cute little chubby hand! 🙂


And just so I leave you smiling, here’s one of him smiling!



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  1. Yay! Love the little man… Oh and maybe you should save your hair for Mom and she can make art out of it like the lint 🙂 Haha… Love you Mom if ur reading this!

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