A Visit From the Cousins

Last week we got a visit from my sister and brother-in-law and their cutie pie girls that we love, love, love!  It was so much fun to be able to hang out together and watch our kids play.  We went to the park, hung out at the grandparents, and even ventured out to the beach… which I would call a successful trip with five kids under five.  🙂  Here’s some pics from our last day, when I actually remembered to take my camera.

Abby Roo, eyes of blue!


Look at that Emma girl standing so big!  Apparently she walks, but she’s shy about it.


Abby loves her Momma!

K and A

A cute shot of the DeVincenzo boys.


A semi-decent photo of all five together.  Key word: together.


The getaway… I love Jacob’s face in this one!


Abby and Elijah were chattin’ it up.


Emma and Daddy.


Elijah and Auntie B.  Look at how chubby Elijah is!  He’s only 2 pounds bigger than Lil’ Em!


Emma and Auntie B.


We miss you already, ladies!  Hopefully we see you again real soon!


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