Eat Up Little Man

I know. I haven’t done Elijah’s 5 month post, even though he turned 5 months on the 16th. It happens.

Isn’t it funny how things change with each kid? Right when Caden turned 4 months I was so excited to pop open the box of rice cereal and watch him try his first food! What an exciting moment!

With Jacob, I waited a little longer partly because he’s the middle child who gets forgotten (Not really! I can only say that because I’m the middle child, too. Lighten up, people.) and partly because I wanted to give him some more time to be developmentally ready to eat.

With Elijah, I realize that feeding a baby food is just one more thing that I’m going to have to add to my daily list of things to do. So, I tried waiting until the 6 month mark. I’m not lazy.  I just have a lot to do.  But then I felt bad. Mom guilt. That’s what we do. It’s inevitable no matter what we choose. He’s such a big boy and he was reaching for our food and putting it up to his mouth, so he was definitely ready. And this time around I’ve decided to make my own baby food.

I saw Food, Inc.

Nuff said.

So, his first food was avocados. It’s actually really easy to make it. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Cut an avocado in half.
  2. Scoop out the innards.
  3. Mash.
  4. Add breastmilk if so desired.
  5. And then leave it on the counter without telling your husband about the breastmilk part and let him dip his tortilla chips in it… oops.

You can skip the last step.

Here’s the pictures of Elijah’s first meal!


A before shot. So excited in his Bumbo seat.


Here come the plane… into the garage!


This is interesting.


And I’m cute!

Here’s some video for those of you who are really interested (which is probably just grandparents and aunties!)


2 responses

  1. yay for elijah! yay for avocados! yay for food inc.!jacob’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me 🙂 you’ve got a good lil’ eater there sis…i’m jealous!

  2. All the babies are growing up so fast 🙂 Yay for avacados and cracks me up that Geric enjoyed the dip… haha! Love you and your lil men… Keep the blogs coming. My only window to your world since Im off facebook! XOXO

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