Holy Birthday, Batman!

I’ve decided birthday parties are “my thing.”  They’re kind of like a giant family night with other people, so it makes sense.  But I love having a theme and thinking of a bunch of cool things to do with my kids and their friends, and just make it a really special time.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely stress out the day of the party, and Geric likes to steer clear.  But in the end, it’s always a blast!

Jacob decided he wanted a Batman party for his 4th birthday, and I thought that would be super fun!  I sent out an invite on facebook, which made it really cheap and really easy, and really easy for guests to RSVP, too… even though some of them still didn’t.  You know who you are!  I mean, how hard is it to click “accept’ or “decline?”  And I think “maybe” shouldn’t even be an option.  I mean, I’m not asking you to commit your first born child to me, I’m just asking for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  Make a desicion, people!  Sorry, just had to vent.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, Batman party!

Here’s a few pictures of the decorations before the guests arrived.

The food table with yummy cupcakes!



The happy birthday signs!


The craft area!


As guests started arriving they got a really cool Batman cape that I made out of felt.  Yellow for the boys and pink for the girls!  They were even embroidered with their names.  (I know people.)  They were a hit!  Parents told me their kids didn’t want to take them off when they went to bed at night!  Success! But I forgot to get a picture!!!!! Can you believe it???  Me neither!  So, here’s a picture of Jacob wearing his cape today.



After they got their capes, they came over to the craft area to make superhero masks.  They had fun. But the elastic bands were way too small! Thanks Joann’s for the newborn sized cardboard masks.  I’m not sure they would even fit Elijah!  We shoved it on Judah’s head and took a picture anyway.



After the craft time we ate lunch, and then it was game time!  The first game was the freeze dance, since Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s nemesis’.  I downloaded the music from the original animated series of Batman and the kids had to dance ’til they heard the music stop, and then freeze.  Then we all raised our Batman bracelets and yelled, “Batman!” to get the music going again!  So fun!



At the end of that game Geric came out with a note from the Riddler!  He had kidnapped Batman and left us riddles to solve in order to find him!


One of the riddles led us to Pop!


But we ended up finding Batman out on the front porch!


The we tied him up and hit him with a stick!  Yay!


The actual handle broke off, so we ended up having to tie him to the tree with a noose… hide your eyes, kids!


Makenzie was so sweet.  She tapped Batman.  She’s the dainty little female I need to visit when I feel overrun by the testosterone in my house!


Candy!  Dive in!


After the pinata we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes.


Jacob got embarrassed during the song and had this cute moment with Geric.


Then, we went swimming.  Here’s some cute, wet kids!




We also bounced in the bounce house!


So did Elijah!


And here’s some of our guests!







We ended up waiting to do presents until most of the kids had left, which was actually kind of nice.  We didn’t have to bat away all the “helpers” who like to “help” open presents.  (Don’t be offended. My kids like to “help” other birthday boys and girls, too.)  Jacob made out like a bandit and got some awesome new toys!  But now, I’m pretty sure I have to send out thank you cards since no one was there to thank in person.  It’s on my “to do list.”  I swear.

So, it was a lot of fun!  I was pooped and my kids slept well that night.  Always a good sign.

I’m thinking of starting a party planning gig.  What do you think? Would you hire me?

**Jacob is not motherless.  She is just the photographer and thus, looks absent.  Sad, really.**

3 responses

  1. Most fun Kids Birthday Party yet, in my opinion 🙂 Great weather, great people, and awesome party skills Sis! You are an amazing Mom and your boys are beyond blessed! I love you! BTW, there is a picture of you in the reflection of the window in one pic, so we know you exist 😉 XOXO

  2. Thanks for getting the post up so quickly 🙂 The capes are SO cute! I often dream of a career as a party planner as well, but I am better at ideas than execution. You are great at both! So, maybe someday we could start our own event planning business. and we can name it Queen & Bear Party Planning. Cute, huh? And one feature of all of our parties — a professional photographer so that the parents and guests can just enjoy the party and the mom is in the pictures 🙂

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