Half Way to ONE!

I don’t think my life has ever gone faster than during the last six months.

No.  Joke.

Elijah is already six months old today!  I seriously feel like I was just complaining about how I was still pregnant and miserable.  But it was half a year ago!  Nuts is what that is!

So, the big milestones from the last month are…


I’m making my own baby food, which is surprisingly very easy.  His first food was avocados.  Not a real fan.  Since then he’s had pears, peaches, bananas, sweet potatoes (which are by far his favorite), and today, prunes. Read between the lines, people.  Elijah was having some… issues.  And prunes came to the recue.  Thank God for prunes, really. And I am fully aware that he hasn’t had any veggies yet. And honestly, I’m not that concerned. I don’t buy into that whole theory about feeding your baby veggies first or else the fruit will give them a sweet tooth and they’ll be picky eaters for the rest of their lives. I think picky eaters are born picky eaters and non-picky eaters are born non-picky eaters. My examples are Caden and Jacob. Both were fed baby food in a very similar fashion and one will eat anything and the other is surviving on a diet of peanut butter and honey sandwiches. So, whatever.


No, he’s not REALLY talking.

Okay, he is!  He has starting saying “mama”!  That’s right!  Not “dada” like “the others”!  (That’s what I call Caden and Jacob now… the others. I like it.)

And that’s why Elijah is my favorite.  (Not really.  Calm down.  No favorites here.  I swear.)

But it does melt my heart every time he says it and it makes getting up in the middle of the night easier when he calls me by name like that.  (Yes, he’s still getting up in the middle of the night.  No, I don’t want to talk about it!)

One of the nurses that my mom works with told me that when a baby says mama before dada it means you’re gonna have a girl next.  Interesting theory.  One I’m not willing to test out.  But interesting, nonetheless.


He’s sitting like nobody’s business.

He’s a sitting champ!

Here’s some pictures of my little sitter.


And that’s his favorite toy right there.  I call it the “triangle thing-a-ma-jigger.” He loves that and the singing puppy that Caden and Jacob loved, too.  My nieces have one, too, and I think they really like it.  And now that I’m thinking about it, all three Hamilton kids liked theirs, too.  New mommies, you should definitely get one.  Here’s a stock photo because I don’t have one.


And here’s his big ol’ smile and his big ol’ feet!  Speaking of big, he was in the 87th percentile for height at his last doctors appointment.

Be impressed.

He’s actually 2 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 17 lb. 4 oz.


And finally, for your viewing enjoyment… Elijah with the person that makes him laugh the most, his biggest brother, Caden.

Are you dying?  ‘Cause I’m dying.  Are you dying?


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