Last Day of Preschool

Caden had his last day of preschool last week.

He had a great day.

My day, however was extremely emotional!  Who would have seen that coming???  Not me!  I even got teary saying goodbye to Mrs. Jump.  I know that’s not really normal, but I think going from being a full time teacher to being a full time mom has really given me an extra appreciation for teachers and how much we as parents entrust our kids to them, and all that they do, even though it seems like they are painting and playing with play doh all day.  So I just had to tell her that I thought she was amazing and thank her for making me feel like my kid was in a really safe place, and I got all verkempt, and yeah.

Here’s a picture of Caden in front of our door before he left for school.


And here’s the first day of school if you want to compare.


The kids in his class all sat quietly while families came in.


Then they sang a few songs for us.  One of them was really touching and talked about how they won’t always be small and how they grow so fast, and I probably would’ve gotten emotional there, too, but Caden was being all shy and just stared at me and smiled instead of singing.  So I was trying to get him to sing the whole time.


Sidenote: That cute girl in front of Caden may or may not have been the one he bit on the first day of school.

And here’s Caden getting his certificate of promotion from Mrs. Jump and Mrs. Bockover.


And finally, my big boys before we left to go home.


The next day I got Caden’s letter for kindergarten and I wanted to throw up.

Stay in today, Erin.

One day at a time.

Right, Mom?


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