Being Intentional

There’s a lot of things I need to be more intentional about… mothering, eating well, exercising, bible study, etc.

That opening sentence just made me feel kinda bad about myself.  It’s not that I’m NOT intentional, it’s just that I’m not.  I’m just not very consistent.  I start with good intentions, it’s just the follow through.  Gets me every time!  You understand, right?  Good.

As I always say to my husband, glad we’re on the same page.

What I really want to try and be more intentional about (although looking back at that first sentence, those other things are way more important, but whatever…) is my writing.  I really, really enjoy writing.  I feel like I can be creative, and process feelings, and state my opinion, and be eloquent… and from what I hear, I’m kinda good at it.

And you know what Oprah says, right?  She says find what you’re passionate about, and do it.  It’s my aha moment, people.  This I know for sure.   And when you know better, you do better.

Ah, Mama Oprah, you will be missed.

So, since I’m not that passionate about wiping butts and breaking up fights and spending hours upon hours responding to, “Hey Mom, watch this!” I’ve decided to take a new path.  Not that I’m going to start neglecting my kids.  I would never!  I love them dearly!  Little dears.  But I’m going to start doing something for me as well.  I’m going to be more intentional about writing.

I emailed my old friend, Lesley, who is definitely one of the most gifted writers I know.  I honestly should have saved some of the notes we wrote to each other in high school, because there were some doozies… and not a grammatical error to be found, I’m sure.  Anyway, she actually is a writer.  Went to school for journalism and everything.

*Sigh*  To go back in time and be more aware of myself and my passions and actually follow them when I was 18… I need a time machine.

Anyway, she gave me some good advice.

Here’s the plan:

I need to be more intentional with this here blog.  It started as a writing outlet for me, but over time it’s become more of a virtual scrapbook, which is convenient in case of a fire.  But I think I need to go back to it’s roots.  Back to writing.  So, I have to set a tangible, realistic goal.  I’m thinking three posts a week.  And not just a picture of my kids playing in the mud.  I mean, a real meaty post.  One you can sink your teeth into.  (Not that there won’t be pictures of my kids playing in the mud, because there will.)  And if you want to help, leave a comment.  It’s always encouraging knowing people are reading.  Actually I know you’re reading because sometimes I check my site stats and it says that 53 people looked at my post, but nobody leaves a comment so then I get this complex thinking people thought it was dumb, and just didn’t leave a comment.  I need you to tell me I’m not dumb.

Then, I need to figure out my goals as far as writing is concerned.  And this is where is gets a little fuzzy for me.  I can go in a number of different directions.  I’ve thought of just sticking with the blog, and trying to grow here, which would require some research on my part as far as marketing and advertising and all that jazz.  I’ve thought of trying to write a children’s book or maybe even a novel, although I fear a lot of rejection may be in my future should I go this route.  Maybe I should try to write for a magazine, or be a guest writer on another blog. I’ve even thought about trying to write a devotional book.  Or perhaps I should do something with Family Nights and publish a book there.  See?  Too many choices.

I need some time to think.

But in the meantime, check back here on occasion for some great posts that’ll rock your socks off!

I’m afraid I’m building up for a letdown.

They’ll be okay, okay?

No, wait. I have a new motto.

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. – Oprah Winfrey

Thanks, Oprah.

15 responses

  1. I love this idea! You really are a fantastic writer. Must run in the family 🙂 All my friends who’ve had a chance to read your blog say so, and I say so, and so do lots of other people that I really don’t know but who post stuff on your blog and facebook saying so….so do it sis! Even if you fall down a few times along the way I think the long term outcome could be something really wonderful. I’m here to cheer you on! And FYI, I LOVE the Family Night book idea! Yay!

  2. I love that you want to pursue writing. You are a good writer and I can’t wait to read whatever you write! I will read blogs or other blogs or magazine articles or books. I will read about family nights and intend to implement them (although, let’s be honest, I’ll never actually get around to planning one). I will write with you and encourage you and promote you. Go for it, my hilarious friend!

    • And I can’t wait to read your writing about big, giant bows! 🙂 But, honestly, if I do write a children’s book, I’m sending it to you to read thru.

  3. To my favorite bridesmaid,

    I love to read your blogs and the reason I never comment is because I feel like a bit of a stalker. However, I look forward to seeing your blog posts on FB anytime, all the time!
    Keep it up Hot Mama!

    Yours truly,
    Brittany (aka, the chick who snugged you at Alisha’s wedding)

  4. Erin,
    I swear there are days when I read your blog and feel like we are living the same life! You are a talented writer and even more, a keen observer of others, with a heart of integrity and compassion. The world needs your words in it. Maybe we can find a way to collaborate, but even if that doesn’t sound good to you, know you have support and admiration always coming your way!

    • That’s such a compliment coming from you!!! I’m gonna send you a rough draft of my book someday too! 🙂 And we should collaborate on something…. hmmmmm…

  5. I read all of your posts even if I don’t comment on them. 🙂 I spent all of 2009 being intentional and it was a great year. Then I stopped and now I get to do all the hard work again. Yes, I am talking to you my too big tummy! I am working on resetting goals for 2011 since we are halfway through. My big goal is not to be an intentional writer, but to better manage our budget. Ack! That’s a sucky one. 🙂 Since having a 6 and 4 year old meansthat college is just around the corner, it’s time to hunker down and see if we can finance a bit of that for the kiddos.

    Good luck with your writing! I can’t wait to see what you come up with,

  6. You could always be a guest writer for our Momtourage newsletter again (I’m in charge of it and I say that’s ok) Sometimes just having a deadline is motivation enough!

  7. Erin,
    I swear there are days when I read your blog and feel like we are living the same life! You are a talented writer and even more, a keen observer of others with a heart of integrity and compassion. The world needs your words in it. Maybe we can find a way to collaborate, but even if that doesn’t sound good to you, know you have support and admiration always coming your way!

  8. How did I miss this post? You are so where I was just awhile back but the problem is I lack not only intentionality but follow through. Want to get together and strategize? I’ve actually got a LOT of resources on getting published, writing, submissions, etc but no one ever wants to hear about that stuff.

    Aside from The Bloggess, you are one of my favorite reads and it’s even cooler that I’ve known you in person for so long. You can totally conquer the blogosphere, girl.

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