Parenting Lessons from Celebrity Rehab 5

The way I see it, I’m Dr. Drew Pinksy and my kids are all those crazy druggie celebrities.

Someone call CPS.

Pump the brakes!  Back ‘er up!

Let me qualify that statement.

My kids don’t really do drugs.  But they are a little crazy and have been known to escape my firm watch to do things like climb on top of the roof of my house.  Okay, not really, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.  And I really do know someone with three boys that that really did happen to, so see?  It could happen.  And I’m a lot like Dr. Drew… very, very smart, very, very good-looking, very, very mellow and cool-headed during drastic situations.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

My point is (as my husband says, “Get to the point, woman!”)… my point is that a lot can be learned about parenting through the show Celebrity Rehab 5.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here I go.

1.  They come to us for care… not to be med-less.  On last week’s episode, Dr. Drew said those exact words.  Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that watched, otherwise, this post won’t make much sense.  Last week, Bai Ling (Who?  Celebrity?  Huh?) was supposed to be taking psych meds but was refusing, and thus, ended up climbing on the roof of the rehab facilities to hide from Dr. Drew.  Should’ve taken her meds!  Does she end up jumping???  Gotta tune in next week.  However, I believe that kids come into our lives for our care, not to for us to be their best friends and let them make their own decisions because then they’ll end up doing some really stupid stuff, like hanging out on the roof of your house.  See?  Valuable, valuable lessons here, folks.

2.  Stay calm.  Have you noticed how emotional these celebrities are?  Are they all like that?  Or is just because they’re in rehab?  Or on reality TV?  And trying to make a comeback in their sad, sad career?  Maybe.  Either way, they remind me of my emotional children.  And you know what’s easy to do when Caden or Jacob get all worked up with emotion?  Get emotional back.  Honestly, I couldn’t care less who gets to be Mario and who’s stuck being Luigi, but when they have a major freak out session, suddenly I care.  Not because I really care but because they’ve sucked me into their world of high-drama.  Somebody get me outta here!  But have you noticed on Celebrity Rehab, all the professionals stay calm and let everything slide off of them.  It’s amazing to watch, really.  I want to be like that.  All even-keeled in the face of crazytown.  I can learn something there.

3.  Stay silent and hope they figure it out.  Obviously not in life and death sitautions. I mean, when Bai Ling was on the roof you bet your bippy Dr. Drew was all over it.  But when Amy Fisher was trying to blame her life on the media frenzy from 20-something years ago, Dr. Drew was sympathetic but silent.  Then you heard his voice over saying that hopefully she’ll figure out that her situation in life comes as a result of her bad choices and that hopefully she’ll start being honest and looking at herself.  I can learn from that too.  I don’t need to jump every time my kid seems like he needs my help.  Sometimes, he’s gotta learn on his own.  Sometimes he’ll end up making bad choices that will result in bad consequences, but hopefully he’ll learn from that.

Look at that!  Three valuable lessons from one hour’s worth of reality TV.

Some may say trash, I say treasure.

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