The Day Has Arrived

Mothers everywhere, rejoice!

Sound the trumpets!  The day has arrived!

The day we have all longed for since the birth of our children!

Better than sleeping through the night!

Better than baby’s first words!

Better than potty trained children!

The day they become capable of pulling their share of the load!

The day my kids become my slaves helpers!

Here they are enjoying doing the dishes. Since then, they’ve folded their own laundry, cleaned my cabinets, and helped wash the van.  All with a smile on their face.


I knew there was a reason I had three.

The way I see it, I’ve got a good 18 years of pure relaxation in front of me.  Somebody pass the iced coffee!


One response

  1. As long as it is done with direction… No kid likes their “whites” pink or blue because no one showed ’em to separate their laundry 🙂 I still suck at doing my laundry, so instructions are key! Haha! Congrats tho!

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