I’m Moving!

No, not out of Riverside. Jessica schooled me last week and while I realized that I’m totally a Rancho snob (I’ll discuss further in a future post), I’m not leaving Riverside or my house.

But, my blog is moving!  Actually it’s already moved.  Since I’m trying to take it a little more seriously and grow it into something bigger, I took it off wordpress.com and am hosting it on wordpress.org.

Yawn… I’m bored.

Okay, here’s the scoop.  I’m hoping all my faithful readers will take the leap with me and put my new blog in your Google Reader and subscribe to the feeds and all that good stuff.  If you want to give me a shout out on your facebook or twitter account, I won’t complain either.

So, here’s the new site: www.queen-of-the-jungle.com

I know, a lot of dashes, but queen of the jungle without dashes was taken.

Grab a buddy’s hand so you don’t get lost and go on over and check it out.

Leave me a comment.

Click on an ad. 🙂

Show some bloggy love.

It’s a new look but the same ol’ me.


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