How to Catch a Bunny

Caden spotted a bunny in our backyard the other day.  Unfortunately the bunny ran away from him, but he set out to lure it back and catch it!

My own little Elmer Fudd.

His plan was simple, really.

1.  Get three carrots out of the fridge.

2.  Chop them into bite size pieces with a butter knife.

3.  Line up the carrot bites in a trail from the front yard to the back yard.


4.  Wait with your brother ’til the bunny returns.

So far, there has been no sign of Bugs.  But I don’t see how this fool proof plan can fail.

3 responses

  1. And the bonus: It keeps them busy waiting for awhile! 🙂 After all, who would go through all the trouble to not wait and watch!?

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