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  1. My girls and I are planning a big photo shoot with all these poses. They are already camera addicts and always strike a pose. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. You forgot my favorite one!
    The “Stand in the Bathroom and hold your phone next to you so it’s totally in the picture” pose. That one always makes me laugh.

  3. besides the fact that this is *hilarious* (as always), you’ve also reminded me that this is my inevitable future with TWO girls in tow!

  4. I always make crazy faces in pictures, that’s just me, but my niece is the queen of the teen girl poses. That being said, I think it is way scary to be the mother of boys. I have read some of my sons friend’s facebook pages and girls are straight crazy! Anyway, great post and cute logo Jane!

    PS- I think you should make the doe eye shot your profile picture, it’s cute!

  5. I love that you did this! And yes, you totally need the “I’m going to take a picture of myself and my phone in mirror, so ignore the weird flash and look at me instead” shot.

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