Mommy Confessions

I still wear maternity pants. And not just to bed. My baby is seven and half months old and yesterday I wore maternity jeans all day. Even out of the house.  Because they are like wearing sweat pants, that’s why!  And they’re from the Gap.

When I’m in the car and I’m listening to the radio and good song comes on, I’ll turn it up and ignore my kids.  No more, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” or “What number is one five eight three?” no matter how loud they get.  It usually happens when I’m listening to KOST 103.5 because they rarely play a song I don’t like, and frankly, who can resist belting out a good 80’s ballad at the top of your lungs?  That’s what I thought.

I’m never above bribing.  Dollar bins at Target.  Frappucincos.  In-N-Out milkshakes.  If it makes my kids behave out in public for an alloted amount of time, then a deal has been struck.

Sometimes I go to Bible Study just for the child care.  I love Bible Study.  I love my friends from Bible Study.  But we live a half an hour away and there have been many a Wednesday morning that it feels like I won’t make it out the door.  But you know what gets me going?  The thought of three hours of uninterrupted adult interaction while my kids are being cared for by someone who is not me.

I’m not positive that Jacob is allergic to dogs.  Yes, he broke out in hives when we had one (for three days) and we took it back because of that.  But we’ve been around many dogs since then and I have never seen another hive.  Never.  But we have also never had a dog poop in our house since then.  Never.

If I turn on a movie in the middle of the day and make the room all dark like a movie theater and even pop some popcorn, it’s because I need a nap.

Your turn.  What’s your best mommy confession?



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