Bridget’s Beach Baptism

To say my little sister has had a rough year would be an understatement.  Bottom line: it sucked.  But, one of the good things that has come out of her struggles, has been a deepening in her walk with God.

Hold on to your shorts, I’ll get to the baptism goodness in a sec.

Earlier this year I heard this song by Kristene Mueller (who I LOVE by the way.)  And as I was listening to it in my van, I started crying because a) that’s usually what I do when I have an encounter with God and b) it’s my sister’s song.  She IS a sparkle in her Father’s crown and she’s destined for divinity, but she didn’t know it.  She was the one sheep that He went out searching for, because she was always on His mind.  And now, she’s been found!  Holy love has come raining down, and come what may, she belongs to Him now.  It has been amazing to stand beside her throughout all she’s gone through during the last year and watch her find her strength in God.

It’s a bittersweet day when you realize that everyone, everyone and everything, in the world will let you down, but the one constant is Jesus.  He is the ultimate.  He is the best.  He is strength.  He is love.  He is joy.  He is peace.  He is truth. He is grace.  He is hope.

So, when she told me that she wanted to be baptized I was overjoyed, and when she told me that she actually wanted me to baptize her, I cried… just a little, but so did she!

So here’s some pictures of Bridget’s beach baptism day!

Baptism buddies and the kidlets.


Elijah wore a super nerdy hat (that I love) and ate the sunscreen stick, and a good amount of sand. Keeps him regular.


The big boys played in the sand.


WARNING: Pictures of me in a swimsuit are ahead. I’ve done some cropping, but you can only crop so much. Don’t worry, this will be addressed in tomorrow’s post.

Her pastor was such a cool guy. Really genuine.  She goes to Parkcrest Christian Church, in case you’re close to the LBC and you’re lookin’ for somewhere to go.  He prayed for her.


Then we dunked her! (It kind of looks like I plugged her nose for her, but I didn’t. That would be beyond my duties as her Baptism Buddy. That’s her hand.)


And up she came! And I clapped and said, “Yay Sis!” And from the looks of things, that was quite comical.


Then Maw hung out with Elijah…


And Auntie B took Caden and Jacob to jump off a dock.


Jacob walked back…


Caden swam….


cuz he’s cute like that.


And then Elijah hung out with Daddy.


My Dad was there too, but I didn’t get any pictures of him because he fell asleep on his shoe (like it was a pillow.) I guess I could’ve taken a picture of that, but I didn’t.

It was GREAT day!  It marked the beginning of something new and something great.  I’m so excited to see what God has is store for my sis as she continues to walk with Him and trust in Him.

I love you Sis-a-roo! 


4 responses

  1. This is beyond awesome. What a fabulous way to celebrate new life in Christ! Your bigger little guys will always remember this.

    P.S. All 3 of your little men are adorable!

    • Pastor Mike! I really meant what I said about you being so nice and genuine and cool. I’m so happy my sister found your church and that you all are so awesome! 🙂

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