This month I have decided to challenge myself.

Number one, you all motivated me to get serious about eating right and exercising.  I told you I am easily guilted.  So, I’m back on the weight watchers train, for reals, and… really good news… I’m exercising!  I have found something that I really, really enjoy.  What is it, you ask?  Pilates!  Even better…. I do it in my own home!  I found a website called Pilates Anytime and you start off with a 15 day free trial, but after that it’s only $18 a month to have unlimited access to a bunch of online pilates classes.  They are recorded in a couple of different gyms in the LA area and then put online so they don’t get old and redundant like a normal workout video would.  It feels like you’re really there, but you don’t have to get in your car and get there, which is honestly, usually the most challenging part.  So, yay me!

Sidenote:  There’s a yoga version too.  That’s how I found Pilates Anytime.  My sister does Yoga Glo.  So, if you like yoga, check it out.  (I wish they were paying me to advertise for them.  Oh well.  Someday… ) 

Secondly, I have taken a challenge on a website called BlogHer, which is basically the biggest collection of women bloggers ever!  (I’m not actually sure about that, but there’s definitely a lot of blogs written by women over there.)  All my favorite bloggers are a part of BlogHer and they are having their annual conference this weekend in San Diego, which would have been so awesome to go to. I could have met Kristen and Sophie and Ree, and stood there like a total idiot saying something like, “I really like your writing,” or “You’re awfully funny,” or “I carried a watermelon.”  Dirty Dancing, anyone?  But since it costs over $300 to attend, I did not do that.  Maybe next year.

Back to the challenge… NaBloPoMo.  It stands for National Blog Posting Month.  They actually do it every month and they give you a theme to write about and all you have to do it write a post everyday.  It can or cannot be related to the theme and may or may not be based on a given prompt.  The only rule is you have to post everyday for the entire month.

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I am, because I will not fail!  Oh no, I will not fail!

The theme this month is fiction, which… yawn.  I’m bored.  “Fiction” just doesn’t inspire me so much.  I could write about my favorite book, or my favorite author, but, like I said…. BOOOOORING.  Sorry book lovers.  Maybe if I start to get desperate at the end of the month, I’ll pretend like I actually have one favorite book and write about it.

Instead… I’m going play a little game.  Here’s the rules: I’m going to give you three sentences about myself.  You have to decide which one is fiction, the other two will be fact.  Leave your guesses in the comment section.  (Oh, I’m excited!  I love a good game!)

Here we go:

1.  I have secret crushes on Matt Lauer, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jimmy Fallon.  Don’t judge me.  And Geric knows.  It’s innocent.  Like if Tiger Beat was still around, I’d probably cut out their pictures and tape them to the inside of my closet.  That’s all.  No biggee.

2.  I have never once passed gas in front of my husband.   I am lady, after all.  And I’m actually blushing just writing about this topic… moving on.  (And childbirth does not count.)

3.  The first time I drank alcohol I was underage and using a fake ID to go clubbing with my friends in another state.  We ended the evening by hanging a Pee Wee Herman doll from the ceiling of my friend’s apartment.  Too much to drink?  Perhaps.

Okay, take your best guess!  There may or may not be a prize for the winner!  (I’m just not ready to commit.)  Good luck!


4 responses

  1. #2 is false. I don’t know how you could have MADE up #3 and remember Tiger Beat if you really didn’t have those crushes in #1! And I am assuming #3 was while you were in college so it’s possible though I’m not 100% . . . .I’m 50/50 on #2 and #3. There.

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