Girls Night Out: Mommy Style

When I texted my BFF that my post from yesterday was going to be featured on BlogHer, she texted me back that we should go out and celebrate.


It’s been way too long, my friend, and you have been deeply, deeply missed. Not my BFF.  We see each other all the time.  I’m talking to the GNO.

As I was driving to meet up with her I was thinking about how the GNO has changed since I have become a mommy.  Maybe you can relate.

Getting Ready:

The non-mommy gets dressed and makes sure she looks cute.  Finishing up her final touches, she looks in the mirror and thinks, “Does this make me look fat?  I kind of hope I look cuter than my friends.”

The mommy gets dressed and makes sure she looks cute.  Finishing up her final touches, she looks in the mirror and thinks, “Wow!  I forgot I could look like this.  Perhaps I should change out of the yoga pants, flat iron my hair, and put on some mascara more often.”

The Drive:

The non-mommy hops in her two door car, perhaps a coupe and zips down the road.  Radio set at it’s usual volume.

The mommy gets in her minivan, affectionately called “the swagger wagon” and zips down the road.  She contemplated taking her husband’s less mommy-like vehicle, but why?  The swagger wagon rules the road.  Radio blasting whatever the heck she wants, because she can, that’s why.


The non-mommy is frustrated.  She is going to be late meeting her friends.  Annoying.  Weaving in and out of traffic.

The mommy could sit in traffic all night.  As long as she doesn’t hear whining, refill a sippy cup or wipe a butt, the mommy could sit in bumper to bumper and not bat an eye.  She has escaped, and it’s ecstasy.

The Restaurant:

The non-mommy chooses a restaurant with a bar because it’s hip and it’s happening and there may be some cute single guys to mingle with.

The mommy chooses a restaurant with a bar because it’s hip and it’s happening and kids aren’t allowed in there.

The Conversation:

The non-mommy talks about relationships, laughs, makes jokes, what have you.  She has a generally good time.

The mommy is feeling pure glee.  She is beside herself with giddiness.  And she hasn’t even ordered a drink yet.

The Curfew:

The non-mommy stays out ’til the bar closes down.  Free as a bird!   Not a care in the world!  She can call in sick in the morning if she has to.

This is tricky for the mommy.  She definitely stays past her children’s bedtimes.  She would rather walk laps around the mall or sit on the bench in direct sunlight than get home before her kids are in bed, asleep.  But, she can’t be too late… because the little buggers are going to be peeling her eyelids back at the usual 6:30am wake up call.  There’s no such thing as calling in sick.

All in all, such a good time.  GNO, you have been missed.  We should definitely get together more often.

So what do you think?  Has your GNO changed since you’ve become a mommy?  


5 responses

  1. So very true! I’ve also noticed that Girls’ Night Out getting ready involves fixing dinner and getting everything ready for kids & Daddy before she can throw herself together and get out the door. The next post can be “The difference between the contents of a Mommy’s purse and a non-mommy purse.” ;o)

  2. I just accepted an invite for a Girls Night. I’m just so happy to go out, not even for a girls night, just in general. I was at a friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago and I was one of the last to leave (a boring baby shower), because I was so HAPPY TO BE OUT, DURING THE DAY, WITH OTHER GROWNUPS! They must have thought I was insane.

  3. Totally agree! I remember going out with my BFF for a GNO for the first time since we had kids and we almost didn’t know what to talk about (even though we talk like 5 times a day!). It was so strange and exhilarating to be child-less.

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