Mama Needs a Pedi

On my way home from the beach the other day I had my feet on the dashboard of the van.  I looked down and saw this.


Hi big toe with half of the polish gone.  Hi dry, cracked skin.  Hi calloused heels.  (Not pictured.)

Nasty, right?

Before Geric and I got married we had to take an engagement class at our church.  Looking back, it was a silly little class.  Some of it was good, like discussing expectations and conflict resolution.  But some of it was really, really… silly.

Like the week we talked about sex.  I get it.  We’re Christians.  We’ve all taken a vow of purity (ha ha), but do we really need to learn about human anatomy?  It felt like I was sitting in a 6th grade Family Life course, which I happened to be teaching that year.  Why none of us raised our hand and said, “Um, you’re kinda insulting my intelligence here” is beyond me.

Anywho, that wasn’t my point.  Just had to get that off my chest… 8 years later.

My point is that there was one part of the class, maybe the expectations part, where we were supposed to write down something that we spent money on regularly that our partner may not know about.  Then we all went around the room and shared what we wrote down.  That was kinda funny too, now that I think about it because 90% of the people said they spent money on gas every week.  Really???  That’s the best you’ve got?  That’s your big spending secret?

Maybe I should’ve let Geric know I would be tithing ten percent every week too, in addition to my gasoline addiction.  Oh, and some weeks… come a little closer so no one can hear me… some weeks I go to the grocery store and buy food!   *Gasp!*

Come on, people!

When it came to me I said that I spent $60 a month on pedicures.  Because at that time I got one every other week.  I was single, without kids, with a career, and I could.  I thought this would continue forever, especially since I divulged my secret at our class.  It was all out in the open.  I was good to go.

Obviously pedicures have become very few and far between.  They usually happen when my sister comes down from Oakland to visit, which happens once every couple of months.  So, now my toes are done at home.  Or they suffer and end up looking like a beat up, chipped away, nasty mess.  (See above.)

I’m not sad about it.

It’s just the way it is.

For now.

Because you can bet your bippy that when these kids vacate the premises, I’ll be heading back down the nail salon on a very regular basis.

So, my question for you is this… what has changed, or what have you given up since you’ve been married or have had kids that you never thought you would?  


3 responses

  1. Too funny, I get a pedicure about every third year. My first one was the day before I got married. For me, my “sacrifice” is my hair. I used to get it colored every 8 weeks. The last time I had my hair colored was March. I try to go every 12 weeks, but the $$$ isn’t there after a very fun and spendy Summer. I also want to cut my hair short again, but I like to get it cut every 3-6 weeks when it is short AND there is no way. So for now, I hate my shoulder length hair with 4 inch roots. Whatever, I’ll survive. I’ve considered those box dies but I’m too scared.

  2. i’m with you on the nails. i love a good mani/pedi, but since chris and i got married i just can’t justify shelling out the money when there are things like bills (boo!) to pay. i dye my own hair and i can wait on getting my hair cut (it’s long, who cares), but i get sad when my nails don’t look nice. i’m thankful for my mom- she splurges on me every so often, so i do get my fix.

  3. Sadly, I never thought I would give up brushing my teeth first thing every morning, but sometimes they get brushed just before my hubby gets home. Don’t judge me! Haha!!!

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