Sunday Shout Outs

I’ve decided to tweak the Sunday Funnies into the Sunday Shout Outs.  I’m still giving you some links to stuff that I thought was cool, but not all of it is funny.  Because, honestly, it’s kinda hard to find a super funny blog post every week that makes you laugh so hard you cry, that isn’t full of cuss words.  I’m not a prude with language.  I’m really not.  Both of my sisters have mouths like sailors and I love them to bits!  (I’ll be getting a couple of phone calls later.)  But I don’t know, using the f-word in a mommy post about your kids… just seems a little harsh, no?

So here we go with my shout outs for the week.

This first post really is hilarious.  It hits a little too close to home.  MommaBeThyName wrote about her lack of sleep in a post called, Have Kids or Sleep.  Because You Can’t Do Both.  Amen sister.  Recounting the goings-on in the middle of the night cracked me up… maybe because that’s my life, too.  But if you want to read her real hit for the week, it’s a post titled Why Our Parents Put Us To Shame.  It was on fire this week!  All the rage over at BlogHer and the internet at large.

Next up… recipes!  I brought dinner to a friend that had a baby, and she asked for the recipe to the Chicken Enchilada Casserole I had made.  It truly is the best enchiladas I’ve ever had.  And I’m not just tooting my own horn.  I got it from a blog called Passionate Homemaking.  Definitely not a humor blog, but she puts up good recipes from time to time and talks about hospitality and the such.  She also has directions on how to make your own homemade deodorant.  Which sounds like a ragin’ good time!

And just in case you have a sweet tooth and are not in a healthy mood, here’s a recipe my cousin’s wife posted on her facebook page that I can’t wait to try out.  But I was thinking I should probably wait until school starts so I can load my kids up with sugar and then drop them off somewhere that isn’t here.  Have you ever dreamed about pancakes and cinnamon rolls falling in love, getting married, and having a baby?  No?  Well, that’s weird.  Well, if they did, this would be their child.  The Cinnamon Roll Pancake.  Yum!  Go get a towel to mop up your drool.

Finally, if you decide to make those pancakes, you should probably work out a bit to burn those extra calories.  And seriously, I cannot say enough good things about Pilates Anytime.  I’m still in my free trail phase, but I’m half way through the beginners series of 10 classes, and I LOVE IT!  That’s saying a lot.  I don’t enjoy exercise.  But this doesn’t feel like exercise.  It feels like stretching.  And you’re laying down the whole time!  It’s practically a nap!  How can laying down = a workout?  I don’t know, but I sweat and I’m sore the next day.  And my kids like doing it with me too.  Check it out!

Okay, that’s enough for today!  Have a great Sunday!


3 responses

  1. I am so excited about the homemade deodorant link. I spent a good part of the Summer trying to move away for my work great toxic deodorant to an organic one that made me smell horrid after an hour or two. AND, I just ordered a gallon of coconut oil so I will be ready to go as soon as the shipment comes in. Yay! Thanks for your Sunday post!

    • You crack me up! I was actually kidding about the deodorant, but you go with your bad self… and hopefully you won’t stink! 🙂

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